Kona Coffee

Our Sweet Okole Coffee Store provides roasted and unroasted Pure Kona coffee.   Our beans are available in Fancy, Extra Fancy, Peaberry and Estate Grade.  We provide a fast shipping service, and most of our items are sent Free!! anywhere in the U.S. through USPS-priority mail.  (All others-please inquire about our low shipping fees.  

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The name Sweet Okole Coffee derives from our late father, Clifford Ho'omanawanui Harrington.  He built his dream on our 28 acre farm, which is thriving today with Kona Coffee, macadamia nuts, lychee, bananas, avocados, limes, mangosteen, taro, breadfruit, lemons and many more surprises. 

While he was cultivating this beautiful farm he would always say "I'm busting my Sweet Okole for all of you"-we all new what he meant-Our father was putting his heart and soul into this farm, so one day when he would have to leave us, we would all reap the benefits and beauty he had left behind.

Today the farm is ran and maintained by my mother (Sylvia) myself (Jolene) and my 3 brothers (Joe, Vernon and Darren).  We now can truly understand what my father meant by busting my Sweet Okole.  For that, we thought it would only be fitting to label our Kona Coffee "Sweet Okole Coffee".